Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pusat Akuatic Darul Ehsan is the best swimming pool in Klang Valley?

Today went for dinner at Asia Cafe with WY and Aud before meeting up GP, Vincent and Yannie for KK trip photo exchanging. (Oops! This reminds me that I haven't see the pictures since I reached home till now! Ok Ok see tomorrow. =P)

Saw one newly opened Korean teppanyaki stall. Being a Koreanphilic, how can I miss the chance to try Korean food right? So I tried the Korean pork teppanyaki. Nice oh! The taugeh got some butter-ish and mayonaise-ish taste and the pork was just brilliant, tender to be chewed and nicely marinated.

Pork Teppanyaki (very very big plate!! Like those for pastas)

Half way eating the dinner, so unluckily it started to rain and we were sitting at the roofless area. So, we started to carry our things to the roofed area to look for empty seat. But so unluckily there's a big crowd in Asia Cafe today coz today got soccer match.

I was like a weirdo carrying the very big plate around and everyone was looking at me. -.- WY and Aud already finished their dinner so they just need to carry their drinks which was not as eye-catching. Dunno why I almost everyday have to do such embarrassing thing one. Ish..

In the end we tumpang-ed someone's table. lol.. Very awkward circumstance. After the dinner we went to Snowflake to transfer the pictures. I had red bean soup as dessert. The rest tried Snowflake bestseller (some combination of ice-blended cincau, sweet potatoes and yam). Didn't take photos this time (forgot.. hehe..)

We had a good laugh thanks to Yannie. lol. I laughed until my stomach hurts.


Since I've already started on food I might as well bring them all up here. Hehe.

Last Saturday after sailing I went to have some pasta as dinner with Keen. At Restaurant Caff, Pizza, Grill, Pasta @ Bandar Puteri Puchong. This restaurant serves very nice Italian food. It's quite famous for its mushroom soup and its cozy environment. Malaysia Most Wanted Food and some bloggers also highly recommended it.

I had Aglio-Oglio Mushroom Spaghetti.

(Sorry la.. Too hungry already so I took a bite first only took the photo. Haha..)

Keen always orders this:

Turkey Ham Salad (if not mistaken) and mushroom soup!

The mushroom soup damn nice one! Next time if I crave for mushroom soup I know where to go already. Hehe.


Then last Sunday went shopping with Aud! We took our lunch at Canton-i Pyramid. I only took their dimsum coz I was not hungry. Coz I've eaten lunch after the Broga trek already. (Oops! Not yet blog about Broga! Tomorrow I will write about that)

Yam mini bun with melted egg yolk inside

The egg yolk was not as juicy as I thought it would be lo.. But it was ok ok la.

Charsiew pao also ok ok only. Haha.


We went for our lab manager birthday celebration this week during the lunch time at a Secret Recipe nearby.

I had black pepper grilled chicken rice with ice lemon tea (their promotion set). Then my sweet tooth ushered me to order one of my favourite Chocolate Indulgence cake. And I did. lol.

Shared with Cheng Yee. Her sweet tooth also likes Chocolate Indulgence. Hehe.


Went swimming on Friday after work at a nearby aquatic centre - Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan (PADE), rated as the best swimming pool in Klang Valley by a blogger called Er Lang. Even better than Bukit Jalil's swimming pool? o.O

He rated:

1. National Aquatic Centre Bukit Jalil,NAC --------------3 stars

2.Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan, PADE--------------------4 stars

3. Pusat Sukan Negara Panasonic, PSNP---------------2 1/2 stars

This is the place where I always swim after work lo. Too shy to take photos of the swimming pool. =P So I'll just take other people's photos. hehe.

Standard Olympic swimming pool size. 50m length with depth of 4m.
(Photo courtesy of Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam website)

Swam 1km almost non-stop. Felt the syokness and satisfaction after 2 months never swim. Muahaha! I feel refreshed even until now. =)

Gosh! This week had been so fulfilling for me. I'm so glad I had good foods and good swimming pool. =)


Aiden Thomas said...

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eC said...

Hmm, I last visited the aquatic centre in early May this year. After the last visit, I wrote a mail to MBSA and received no reply. I think they might no longer not be in charge of it, but at least reply "lah"...

I wrote to highlight these points:

. Swimmers allowed into the water without proper swimming attire
The are many swimmers in the pool that did not wear proper swimming attire. Some swimmers went into the water with t-shirts and track bottoms. This is not hygienic and it's against the swimming pool rules.

2. Murky pool water
The outdoor pool is so polluted and murky that it gives very poor visibility to the swimmers. Frankly speaking, it makes almost no difference whether I swam with my eyes shut or open and I was constantly worried of knocking into somebody. However, visibility is a small concern if I were to compare to hygiene and health issues. Ironically, the government is promoting public hygiene as a move to combat the rising contagious disease threat, yet the government arm is ignoring the basic hygiene of public amenities.

3. Dirty Bathrooms with broken doors and locks
The changing-cum-bath rooms are generally dirty with patches of apparent stains. There are not enough benches for the people to use/place their belongings when they are changing, waiting, resting, or even warming up. Most of the doors and locks of the bathrooms and toilets are broken. The floor in the bathroom is dirty and sticky. Some of the shower heads are not working. Some of the valves at the sink are spoilt.

4. Rigid swimming session
The swimming session is too rigid. As a move to encourage the public to participate in sports activities, the pool should be open continuously within the operating hour, and not broken into rigid sessions. It is an inconvenience where the public needs to suit to the swimming pool "sessions" apart from the standard operating hour. The swimming pool will not be "rugi" if they let the public swim a longer hour, so why have they bothered to restrict the public to a rigid session? During one of my visit, I travelled from Klang to the pool, just to realise that my entry was not permitted because the then session would end in 15 minutes' time and I was asked to wait for another hour before I could go in. So, I would either waste my time waiting (my school taught me that "masa itu emas") or I would waste my time travelling (i.e. to go home without waiting) and I would have missed a chance to get healthy. I'm sure the others member of the public will feel the same despite i might be the only "busybody" to lodge a complaint.

5. Rude and inflexible attendant
In referring to the above incident where I reached there 15 minutes before the swimming session ended, the ticketing counter attendant denied my entry. He said that I need to pay to enter even if it's 15 minutes left. It's unreasonable to pay RM4 to swim for just 15 minutes, but I was willing to pay cos I had travelled a long way. Then he said the ticketing is closed, so they are not selling the tickets. Either way, I was just DENIED from entering the pool. Unfortunately, the attendant failed to speak in a polite manner.

6. Expensively malfunctioning lockers
The lockers are already inadequate and to add to this, more than half of the lockers are out of order. Half of those lockers that are in order are very dirty indeed. And the lockers that should be a convenience and NOT a profit generating machine costs RM1, just like the theme parks. Further to this, there is NO ONE there that could change 50-cent coins for the public to use the lockers. (No other coins accepted)

7. Missing lifeguards
I had not seen any lifeguards during all my visits. Perhaps, I might have seen them but I didn't realise that they were the lifeguards cos they were not in uniform. So, are there any lifeguards around that I could flag for attention when I'm sinking?

Is it still the best swimming pool? Hmm, I should revisit it tonight, to see if things have improved?

eC said...

... might no longer [removenot] be in charge"...

heay said...

wow! that's a super long comment! thanks for the comments. Actually those are the problems I encountered at this swimming pool too. There was once I went there Saturday afternoon from Sunway and found that the session has ended.

But somehow I think I'm too used to Malaysia system (i.e. never expect the authority to sort things out for us and try to be satisfied with whatever we have now), I sorta get myself used to the inefficient facility there (e.g. this bathroom no water supply.. try another room)

But the indoor swimming pool still thrilled me whenever I go. It's deep and big enough to fulfill my swimming desire. =) So it'll still be my first choice if I wanna go for a swim.

Anonymous said...

How about Bukit Jalil swimming pool? Any comment and comparison between these 2 pools?

yinkheay said...

It has been long I have gone for public swimming pool because I'm staying in a condo now which has swimming pool facility. Will have to check out the pools if I have time. But I remember Bukit Jalil swimming pool was small and shallow (but I think they have a schedule to change the depth of the pool, though I don't think they will change to 3 meters deep like the Pusat Akuatic Darul Ehsan), and it's very crowded during weekend. So I would still prefer Pusat Akuatic Darul Ehsan which is Olympic size and 3 meters deep, if the condition in the pool is still the same with 4 years ago.

Joyce said...

Hi do you know where I can find a trainer who can teach me how to swim and lose weight as fast as possible? I got turned down in job interviews and also been a failure in my last job. I am 36 and I am female I need help to rebuild my life.

yinkheay said...

Hi Joyce,

I'm sorry I have lost contact with my swimming teacher already and I don't teach swimming anymore because I notice that I get cold and flu easily whenever I submerged in water for too long.

As for losing weight, I'm also trying to lose weight as I notice I'm growing bigger in size. Haha. Currently I do jogging because I heard that jogging can reduce the tummy fat. Recently I have been doing long distance jogging (about 3-5 km each time, 2-3 times a week). Also, I did some workouts to slim my waist (I follow this youtube video: I have not seen big changes to my body weight yet, but at least my tummy fat has disappeared and my abdomen looks leaner than before. It may work for you too. Even if it doesn't, at least you are more healthy and physically stronger than those who don't do exercise, right? I like the feeling after doing a 1 hour jogging, I feel I can breathe deeper and I have better mood, either because of the adrenaline or the sweat. So, jogging is a new meditation for me. Hope you find it suits you too.

Sorry to hear about failure in your career. I also having problem in my career. I could not see what I want to do in the future, but I know I don't like my job. I had been depressed and in denial whenever thinking about my job. But, I started to paint and do other things other than my job, from there I met new friends, build confidence out of the new hobbies. And now, slowly, I find the ultimate goal of my life through these activities. Now, even though I'm still stuck in this job, I have something that I want to learn, I have something that I think I can contribute to the society.

So, actually, you can try some new hobbies. Try yoga or swimming, or painting, learning a musical instrument, or gardening or baking, learn a new language, muay thai. Just learn something new, and from there get to know new friends. From the new skills that you learn, you will gain confidence, and you gain new friends throughout the process, too. And, maybe from these hobbies, you will find what you really want to do in your life.

Hope you will find your confidence in life.